What’s in the Pipeline for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline?

Benoit Beaulieu, ACSS Reporter
December 18, 2021

An Analysis of the Effects US Sanctions Have Had on Russia

Robert L. Williams III Consultant, CAMS, CIC, CRFCC
October 8, 2021

UK Enforcement Update: OFSI Shows its Teeth as Penalties for Sanctions Violations Jump into the Millions

July 18, 2020 By: Daniel Martin, Partner, HFW* After a slow start, the U.K. sanctions authority - The Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) - has now begun to show its teeth. However,...

Sanctioned Nations Explore Bypassing SWIFT

February 6, 2020 By: Natasha Bright, ACSS Reporter Last November a group of former US government officials and academics sat down for a wargaming exercise entitled “Digital Currency Wars: A National...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Unintended Consequences of Sanctions from a Population Perspective

August 09, 2019 By: Glenda Juliano*, CAMS The U.S. currently maintains economic sanctions against many countries. Frequently criticized and often viewed as a paradox of U.S. foreign policy, economic...


Wake Up To Sanctions

Wake Up To Sanctions

SanctionsAlert.com Summer Sanctions Round Up September 5, 2018 U.S. Cracks Down on Russia with Global Magnitsky Regulations and New Sanctions As of June 29,2018, the Global Magnitsky Sanctions Regulations (31 CFR part 583) took effect on the...

Wake Up To Sanctions

Wake Up To Sanctions

SanctionsAlert.com Sanctions Round Up March 27, 2018 North Korea Generates $200 Million in Illicit Revenue and Continues to ‘Flout’ International Law - UN Report Claims On March 5th, the United Nations (U.N.) Panel of Experts released its Report...

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